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LinkedIn MSE 3 years in a row

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First Point Group, a specialist Telecoms & Technology recruitment agency, have once agai...

By Sean Furey

Head of Marketing

First Point Group, a specialist Telecoms & Technology recruitment agency, have once again been ranked as one of the top 25 most socially engaged staffing agencies on LinkedIn. In short terms, we have successfully delivered quality content, interacted with our network effectively and continued to connect with brilliant people in business. Not only have we moved up several places since last year, this is the 3rd time in reaching the top 25 list with LinkedIn, which makes it all the more reason to celebrate!

How is this calculated?

LinkedIn look at the social reach, employee engagement, employment brand and content marketing to calculate the success of the overall brand on the platform. They do this by investigating thousands of data points over the past year for more than 38,000 companies on LinkedIn.

Why is this so important?

In an ever growing digital world, it’s more and more important to stay connected to our candidates and clients. Social media is the age of speed and accuracy. To deliver our top class service, we have to use all of our tools to the best of our knowledge.

Our social reach and engagement success is largely down to how well our staff know the platform and how they utilise it. Our recruiters are LinkedIn Certified and partake in regular internal and external training to ensure the quality of recruitment services are always exceptional. In addition to our consultants, other teams such as support, finance and our company leaders have all contributed to growing our brand on LinkedIn through the relationships and engagement they individually have built.

Content is key

One of the factor that affected our top ranking was the quality of our content and marketing. Our marketing team have taken every care to produce top level content to deliver a consistent and relevant message throughout. In turn, our audience has engaged with us; it is a vital step in pointing our customers in the right direction. We take pride in our brand and we also take pride in the message we deliver.

Consequently, the top 25 status is a reflection of our mission and values. We don’t just want to be great, we want to be consistently great. Some of our values include:

  • Ethics & Transparency
  • International
  • Drive & Determination
  • Redefining the Rules
  • A Team of Professionals

Thank you to all of our followers, candidates and clients for connecting with us along the way – we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without you!

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