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Successful Placements In December 2022

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December 2022: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have...

By David Taylor

Managing Director

December 2022: In this month’s ‘Successful Placements’, we showcase how our consultants have partnered with the world’s leading telecoms and network communication companies to build teams, grow business and as you’ll see, help them adjust to the market to hire the best talent.


Phil Jones and Hassan Khan from First Point Group’s London office assisted a multinational telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronics corporation to recruit a Project Manager to oversee a core integration project. When the client initially reached out to Phil and Hassan, the job specifications were broad which led Phil to speak to the client to gain more insight and information about the role, which highlighted the fact that they needed someone that was fluent in the local language. Phil commented: “After flagging the broadness of the spec to the client, they gave me more detail about the role and the requirements they needed from a candidate. This highlighted the fact that they needed a candidate that is fluent in the local language, which lessened our candidate pool.” With that in mind, Phil and Hassan used various platforms to help them on their search as the requirements were very niche, which meant that they were limited in their reach and candidate pool. After a week of searching, Phil and Hassan were able to submit two candidates to the client within a week of having the role. The candidate was offered the role the day after the interview and started a month later. Hassan commented: “The client was impressed with the quick turn around with bringing candidates forward, despite the negotiation period taking a bit longer than expected, it was great to see the candidate start and the client extend the contract to 12-months instead of keeping it at the original 6-months.


Nick Burdett and Claye Moore from First Point Group’s Dallas office recently recruited an OSP Construction Manager to supervise OSP and Fibre construction projects for a telecommunications service provider. The client requested a candidate that had experience in leading construction projects, this meant that Nick and Claye’s candidate pool was small and niche. Claye came into contact with the candidate through LinkedIn Recruiter and knew from the experience and attitude of the candidate, that he had to submit him for the role. Claye commented: “Once we submitted the candidate, we made sure to keep all lines of communication open and give regular updates to both parties. When speaking to the client, Nick and I made sure to keep the candidate on the Hiring Manager’s radar.” After meeting the candidate, it was apparent that the client was impressed and wanted to submit an offer straight away. Within a week of the interview, the client had sent the offer to the candidate who happily accepted. Despite Nick and Claye taking a risk and only submitting one candidate, they knew that it was a risk willing to take as they hadn’t come across another candidate that had experiences within all requirements listed out and had a personality that fit into the team and company. Nick commented: “Claye has created a great network of OSP candidates which came in handy when this role was given to us. This allowed for us to showcase our skills and how we have a large connection with talents in all areas within the industry. We hope to work with the client again in the future.


Uriel Hernandez from First Point Group’s Mexico City office placed a Solutions Engineer into a digital solutions company to help them create a technical architecture for the client’s product. As the client are a foreign company, it was apparent that they had little understanding on the current market and the general salary expectations. It was clear that this would be a challenge as the client would have to adapt to the new market and salaries in order to hire someone with the skills and knowledge that they were requesting. After some negotiation and Uriel providing the client with information about what salaries would be expected from candidates of a certain skillset, they adapted to his feedback and changed the salary offering for the role. Uriel commented: “Once I had reassured the client on the salary expectations and why changing it was necessary, they quickly understood and adapted their previous process using the information and feedback I was giving them.” Once that had been confirmed, Uriel conducted his search for candidates using a variety of recruitment platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter and the First Point Group database. Uriel was able to submit 10 candidates to the client, however the client felt that none of them fit exactly what they were looking for. With that in mind, Uriel went back to searching for more candidates, to which he was able to submit two. After meeting and interviewing both the candidates, the client sent an offer to one of the candidates who they felt had the best skillset to execute the role. The Hiring Manager commented: “The service that First Point Group provided was quick and efficient. Uriel made sure to follow up frequently and maintained constant communication.”


Ted Ko and Andy Vu from First Point Group’s Dallas office placed an Automation Tools Expert/Software Engineer into a multinational telecommunications company. This role was important to Ted and Andy as they were competing with other agencies to place a candidate into this role, so, finding quality candidates to submit within a quick time frame was both the challenge and goal for the team. As Ted and Andy asked detailed questions in order to understand what the client were looking for and to understand their business needs, it made recruiting a candidate a lot easier as they could be thorough with the search. Ted and Andy used multiple platforms to help them in their search, which ranged from LinkedIn Recruiter, the First Point Group database and referrals. Within three days of having been sent the role, Andy was able to submit a candidate that he found on LinkedIn. Andy commented: “Ted and I agreed that the candidate we submitted was a strong contender. Despite it being a risky decision to only submit one candidate, we were confident that the client would send an offer after the interview.” After submitting the candidate and the client finishing the interview process, the candidate was sent an offer the next day and accepted. This deal displayed why First Point Group are experts in the field and how the consultants are able to understand the client and deliver exactly what they need. The Hiring Manager commented: “First Point Group always bring the highest quality candidates and within record timings. They always maintain constant communication and cooperate effectively.

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