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The Buzz from Barcelona – The Best of the Rest from MWC16

Last week we brought you all the anticipated news and releases from the first two days of Mobile World Congress 2016. There was plenty more excitement over the rest of the week at MWC.

Lewis Hamilton stopped by to discuss new technology in Formula 1 including self-driving and electric/hybrid cars.

Security has been a popular debate recently in the world of IoT. Morpho’s CEO has started to address security concerns by suggesting the addition of more biometrics such as selfies.

Returning to the theme of using technology to do good for the world, we heard from Unicef who are providing tech hubs for children refugees to charge phones along their journey, get important information and help track their whereabouts. Roshan also talked of digital inclusion in respect of bombings in Afghanistan and people having a way to let everyone know they are safe and to locate each other.

Safety seems to be an emerging trend with the Halo smart bracelet – the wearer can tap or shake it three times to send a distress message to a friend. This automatically starts audio recording on the user’s smartphone. SK Telecom are aiming their wearables at the children’s market with their safety in mind allowing parents to keep track of their kids.

We saw some more smartphone releases – Xiaomi Mi5 – with spec so good it can compete with the big companies. There was also the Acer Liquid Jade 2 with 1TB of storage. Looks like there’s more competition out there than we originally though, and at a better price.

Also from Acer, they are taking Internet of Things to the next level by bringing it to the masses with a build your own IoT kit.

Once again, virtual reality featured heavily this year, with improvements on last year’s products. Samsung, LG and HTC all demonstrated their new releases, providing much enjoyment to passers-by who happened to catch someone trying out a new VR headset.

So another feature-packed Mobile World Congress is over. We saw a very charitable theme this year, exploring the ways we can use technology to help society, people in need, the “unconnected” and keeping us all safer. We can expect the upcoming year to include more partnerships, more diversification and more convergence of technologies.