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Apple Bought Some Time

It’s been a few weeks since Apple announced details on the release of their Apple Watch and there’s a lot of speculation around its position in the smart watch market.

Thinking about some of the existing smart watches, it made me wonder how Apple were going to compare and stand out from the rest. My mind filled with some typical consumer questions:

What’s the battery like? Can I listen to music? How much does it cost? What can it ACTUALLY do? And, how does this fit in with my phone?


Connectivity & Requirements

First of all, I would like to point out that, of course, you need an iPhone for the watch to work properly, and it does need to be a 5 and above. Similarly, you need an Android 4.3 to connect with the Sony Smartwatch 3, but, the Pebble Steel is able to connect with both iPhone and Android phones, potentially targeting a wider market of people.

The big ‘one-up’ Apple has over the others is the watch’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi, so as long as you’re on a wireless network, you can leave your iPhone be for a while. This enables all internet functions to work as normal, such as looking at emails.

However, in regards to tracking the distance of the run you were planning to go on, you will need your iPhone, which, in my eyes, defeats the objective of having a wearable device. This is where the Garmin Vivoactive and the Sony Smartwatch 3 are winning; they both have GPS for tracking your progression with distance and speed.



Most of smart watches available at this time have around 4GB of storage in the device, but the Apple Watch has a whopping 8GB.

However, this doesn’t come without limitations. For example, you can only save up to 2GB of music on the device and 75MB of photos. Depending on what you want to use the device for, this could be a bonus or pure annoyance.



With the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch available for $299 and the Sony Smartwatch 3 costing $50 less, it is probably about right that the Apple watch will be starting at $349. With the ‘Apple Premium’ in existence, it was always going to cost more. But, are you really getting your money’s worth? With many different variations of the Apple Watch, it could cost you up to $10,000 if you really wanted it to! (Apple Watch Edition)


There’s no doubt that the Apple Watch isn’t exactly the first product of its kind to be produced. But, neither was the first generation iPhone and that didn’t make it any less successful. The question is, have they done it better than everyone else? Or have they just ‘glorified’ what was already around?

Has Apple bought some time, or are they late to the party?

The Apple Watch will be on sale 24th April 2015.