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With how fast the telecoms industry is growing, are we keeping up with it?

Looking back at the predictions for the telecoms industry at the end of 2014. Has the industry delivered?  The December 2014 article on highlights the predictions we wanted to see in 2015.

  1. Facebook introduces free friends to friend’s payments though messenger.

For most of 2014 we were hearing rumors about this payment system that can be done through Facebook messenger, and finally in March of 2015 Facebook added the feature. It started off only available to a hand full of people in the US and later in June the service was available to everyone in the US. After adding your debit card information, you can send a payment to a Facebook Messenger friend by tapping on the “$” icon within a conversation. How popular the service is in the US is unknown but only time will tell. Will the most popular social media be the most popular way to pay?

2.  Wi-Fi calling on the rise as markets evolve

In April 2015 EE launched its Wi-Fi calling service, the first of the mobile networks where you won’t need an extra app to call and text via a Wi-Fi connection. As predicted at the end of 2014 this will become more common with the rest of the networks in the UK very soon.

3. Securing the network core and privacy concerns.

Unfortunately, with the growth of networks, security will always be an issue. The best we can do is monitor our networks and look into how we can improve our own security. gives us five tips on how we can improve our security. So far for security, not much has changed since the prediction in 2014.

4. Chinese brands have an increasing impact on the smartphone market UX trends.

Samsung still lead the market as of the Q3 figures of 2015, but there numbers seem to be dropping whilst other companies are growing. Apple is still 2nd but we do have the Chinese brand Huawei seeing a rise by 4.3 million unit’s year over year to 16 million and the Huawei Honor 7 received nine million pre-orders in China according to, so the increase is definitely there.

5. Wearables and connected home devices becoming more in demand.

According to the article from June 2015 the wearable market growth has increased by 173.3%. If you take a look around when you’re on public transport it is easy to see how fast the marketing is growing. Fitbit leads the way with the wearable market and it will only continue to grow. Connected home devices are there but most people still find them a gimmick and haven’t incorporated them into their homes just yet. Most devices that are being bought are based on home security and heat control, showing there is a higher demand for practical uses than just being able to put the kettle on with your phone.

Looking back, we can only really look out for what the rest of 2015 has for us and of course, 2016. We expect to see more about 5G and large companies focusing on Internet of Things. We have already seen companies joining forces for future projects, such as Ericsson and LG Uplus, who are looking to strengthen their lead in the Internet of Things innovations.  Whatever the next year brings it is still clear that the telecoms industry is evolving at a rapid pace and we need to hold on and enjoy the ride.