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100km, 30 Hours, Non-Stop Trek. Could you Face the Trailwalker Challenge?

Nick Edwards and Zoe Barnard took part in the Trailwalker challenge of 2017, an annual event held by Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust, along with Nick’s Father in Law, Steve, & Zoe’s Uncle, Luke, to form the team of 4. Our walkers were joined by a strong support team of: Sheena Bray, Anthony La Rocca and Louise Edwards who met the team at each check point to provide aid, food and motivation!

The challenge was to trek 100k across the South Downs in under 30 hours, starting from the Queen Elizabeth Country Park and ending at Brighton Racecourse. With 12 check points in total, Zoe reached the 7th successfully and Steve reached the 6th successfully. Nick & Luke completed all 12 check points in 28 hours and 17 minutes, beating last years’ time of 29 hours 45 minutes.

Nick commented:

“It’s been a fantastic event for all the members of the team so well done to all involved!! The Trailwalker challenge has once again proven to be tough and gruelling, but most of all rewarding. We can all say we’ve beaten personal bests and milestones achieved last year so it’s been an all-round excellent achievement. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Trailwalker challenge and I’m sure I’m not alone!”

With a goal of £1,400, the team have collectively raised close to £1,500, so if you would like to still donate to the cause please do so here. This is the second year the FPG team have taken part in the Trailwalker challenge, and it most definitely won’t be the last.